Digital Storytelling Links


The Centre for Digital Storytelling

BBC Capture Wales – the old site (the videos seem to play more reliably on this site)

BBC Capture Wales – the newer site

Photobus – Daniel Meadows

Centre for Community Journalism

Breaking Barriers Community Arts – Digital storytelling projects working with communities in the south Wales valleys.

StoryWorks – A Cardiff based digital storytelling company run by Lisa Heledd Jones, a former facilitator with BBC Capture Wales, listing a variety of community and health related projects the company has been involved with. StoryWork’s videos on Vimeo.

Stories of Change – Everyday Lives


Storytelling for Health 2017

DS11 Storytelling and Place Symposium 2017

DS10 Storytelling and Justice Symposium 2016

DS9 Storytelling and Activism: Digital Storytelling Festival, 2015

DS8 Digital Storytelling Festival 2013

DS7 Digital Storytelling Festival 2012

DS6 Digital Storytelling Festival 2011

DS5 Digital Storytelling Festival 2010



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