Cowbird Activity 2014-15

For our second digital storytelling activity we explored creating stories with one image, 100 words and a recorded narration. We have used to host and share the stories.

Cowbird is perhaps unique in the way it restricts the story to a single image but in doing so it focuses the viewers attention on that image. That’s a rare but valuable thing these days. Cowbird works particularly well when used with narration allowing the viewer to listen to the authors voice while observing and interacting with the image.

Click on the links below to see our stories.

Wei’s story –

Esther’s story –

Xiaoxi’s story –

Quincy’s story –

Yuwei’s story –

Alba’s story –

Mavis’s story –

Yao’s story –

Flora’s story –

Stella’s story –

Tom’s story –

Maryam’s story –

Bijun’s story –

Bella’s story –

Yifan’s story –

Aria’s story –

Neha’s story –

Yuyu’s story –

Duy’s story –

William’s story –

Gia’s story –

Justice’s story –



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