Alba Charles Castro

‘New Places, New Friends’ produced by Alba Charles Castro

What is your story about?
My story is about overcoming the fears of being alone in a new place. The first time I traveled alone I was very young and wasn’t scared, but the second time was different. I feared I wouldn’t meet anyone and I would be alone the whole time. I was very scared. I felt incredibly alone the first couple of days of my journey but those days transformed into pure happiness when I met new people. Now, I still feel a bit scared whenever I have to travel alone, but I always remind myself of that time, of how easy it was to make friends.

Why did you choose to tell this story?
At first I wanted to tell the story of how my time studying abroad during my Erasmus changed the way I look at life right now. But during one of the story circles in class I realised that the reason why Erasmus had changed my life is because I had had another experience before. Something that had taught me how to be stronger when it comes to travelling alone, and that story seemed better.

What did you find most rewarding or challenging about creating the story?
The most challenging part with no doubt was to cut down the word count. It was extremely hard to put all the information and the feelings of the story in 250 words.


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