Nan Hu

‘A List of Stretched Limits’ produced by Nan Hu

What is your story about?
My story is about a change happened to my life attitudes – It related to an important person, my lecturer in the uni when I was in Taiwan. I used to believe that I cannot challenge myself and would never become an active ‘outdoor person’. Chen encouraged me to challenge myself with his great kindness and passion. After running the first marathon in my life with him, I started to view myself differently and willing to take more challenges. I’m really thankful for him because now I can enjoy so many more activities in life.

Why did you choose to tell this story?
First, this is an important story to me. Telling this story in a digital way helped me to develop it in a better form. Second, I have many images which can support my storytelling. Also, I hope that this story could encourage other people as well.

What did you find most rewarding or challenging about creating the story?
The challenging part for me is to find the best illustration to match the voice-over. To present a appropriate image to give some space for the audience to imagine is always really challenging, but a great fun as well!

I find it easy and difficult to choose the right story to tell it in 250 words. Easy because it’s short but difficult because it really demand the skills of storytelling. I’ve been inspired a lot from the workshops in this module. Creating a digital story not only helped me to improve my skills on storytelling, it also inspired me to create more stories as a way of memorising the precious bit in my life.


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