Cowbird Stories 2016-17

This year’s Cowbird stories are a little different. With Cowbird announcing its closure on 1st March 2017 our usual module schedule meant that our normal Cowbird story would not be complete in time to upload to Cowbird. I didn’t want the students missing out and so the list of stories below are the same stories written for the first story activity, which you can also view in the Google Map below this post.

To achieve this meant adjusting the order of lessons to bring forward audio recording and editing and the students working in their own time record and edit their narrations. I congratulate the students for all their hard work.

And so what we have below is a collection of personal stories, 100 words in length, written in first-person and narrated by the storyteller. Fifteen new voices joining the many other voices within Cowbird’s “public library of human experience”.

Little Fat and Little Thin by Hengyu Cai
A Whole New Universe by Melissa Azombo
First Interview Alone by Andi Xiong
A New Me by Bojia Dong
Cafe of Friendship by Na Li
Trip of Iceland by Tianyu Zhao
Old House by Mengjia Liu
We Four by Si Liang
The Uphill Struggle by Adam Charles
The Mystery Mist by Rebecca Kwei
Experiencing the Nature by Dandan Lin
A Place Called Home by Bhasmara Pramudita
Granny’s Balcony by Ying Zhang
Military Training by Yushan Gao
My New Career Path by Hanyu Zhang
Moments that Define us by Sumedha Pal
The Simplest Love Story by Jaihui Wang



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