Shuyi Peng

Produced by Shuyi Peng

What is your story about?
My story is all about the most impressive experience I had during the time when I was in the university. That was a period of time that me and my 16 teammates did voluntary teaching in a small village in the northwest China. We spent around a month there and stayed with our students and villagers, taught them the knowledge we know, shared our thoughts with them, showed them the marvelous world outside the mountain they live in.

Why did you choose to tell this story?
I consider it to be the most valuable experience I have in my life so far. I got the chance to approach this village which has its villagers so kind and full of benevolence, I also got the opportunity to become friends with my outstanding teammates who I was not familiar with before. Most importantly, it made me realise that my existence could be so meaningful and important, there could be such a group of children need me so badly, respect me and trust me.

What did you find most rewarding or challenging about creating the story?
Which makes this video different from the others is its “footage”. I studied in the documentary pathway for MAIJ and made several videos by myself, most of these videos are based on the video footage that I shoot, this video is based on the pictures, however. Pictures don’t move, they are still, it makes them not as catching as the video. In this way, making pictures “move” and interesting to tell the story in the video becomes the biggest challenge for me in creating it. I am lucky to have enough photos about this experience in my PC, which makes it possible for me to tell the whole story.

The most rewarding thing I found is the perfect way that Photoshop could work with Premiere. Their coordination makes pictures move like videos. Besides, the efforts that Sharon made are also crucial for me, I could not get this done without her help and encouragement. Thank you Sharon!


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